Our mission is simple. Feed those in need. For every loaf of bread or order of pasta purchased, all proceeds will be used to donate food to those struggling to put food on the table.

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How We Do Things

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Ordering our products is easy. You can order all of our products straight from this website. Additionally, we are active on Facebook and Instagram. Contact us through whatever platform is easiest for you. We are happy to help! 

Makin' and Bakin' the Goods

Upon receiving your order, we get to work, making your order from scratch on the same day as delivery. We only use whole wheat flour, salt, and yeast in our Sandwich Loaves and Semolina flour, eggs, and a dash of salt and olive oil in our pasta to ensure your family receives nothing but the best. 

Delivery & Donation

Delivery is relatively simple. When you order a loaf or pasta during the week, we keep track of your order. Each Saturday, we bake all the loaves, make all the pasta, and deliver the very same day, ensuring that the product you receive is as fresh as possible. Each Friday, we spend the morning preparing lunch packs before heading uptown to the RunningWorks HQ to distribute food to those in need. After delivering lunches, we make stops to drop off groceries to underprivileged families with children.

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